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Illustration created by SankalpArt and Subjected to copyright.

The graph was never static for him.

He came across one quote of Bill Gates- “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

He was into designing and drawing a lot. He was awarded 267 awards during school time. His articles and poem got published in many newspapers and magazines. He wrote over 200 storybooks. Initially, SankalpArt started with selling modern arts. His idea is to create a platform that connects with all the authors. During this phase he faced big scam. But that helped him to create the most breathtaking policies.

This platform will showcase the talent of the artist. This will act as a Digital Exhibition and it has no geographical boundaries.

SankalpArt has provided jobs in this pandemic to needy peoples and trained them for work to home, to help as much as possible.

The Founder and CEO Sankalp Shrivastava framed few rules for his publishing company:

  • All employees and freelancers working under SankalpArt will be paid in advance. This decision proved bad and eventually led to many losses of thousands, but this rule never got amended. He still believes that there are good people who need a good job and environment.

  • Efforts of each employee will be valued more than results.

  • The client will get quality work and for that, we have a team.

  • If because of any reason the client is unsatisfied, the whole payment will be refunded by SankalpArt. (This situation came only once in the history of SankalpArt.

  • Every honest and dedicated employee will be awarded a bonus.


Initially, SankalpArt was a book publishing services-provider.

Now, SankalpArt officially works as a publisher and provides ISBN to the authors too.

SankalpArt Publish books and provides services regarding book editing, cover design, illustrations, book formatting, book animation, Book trailers, Author websites designs, author branding and advertisement.





SankalpArt lunching a platform to connect Authors and Filmmakers, this will generate new opportunities for jobs and works to home in this pandemic.

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Journey of SankalpArt

Content creator: Sneha Verma- SankalpArt

SankalpArt aims to fulfill the dreams of young authors. Dreams and creativity that are raw and new. The idea of this auspicious initiative was taken in 2014 when the CEO SANKALP SHRIVASTAVA stepped out from his comfort zone to find a job for himself. Yes, you heard right. CEO of this great initiative once struggled like many of us.

The CEO of SankalpArt worked for a technical company. Just before the moment of promotion, he resigned from the company.


He was not getting the utmost happiness and pleasure around that job. Like most of us, he picked career first but couldn’t find pleasure in it, and here starts the combat of SankalpArt’s CEO.

The CEO of SankalpArt faced unemployment for 2 years straight. Every moment passed gave himself a doubting vibe. He started up-scaling himself. He read articles, growing his skills. During his learning phase, he came across a video that enlightened him. The video got a very interesting and underrated line “Kuch Aisa Karo jo logo key sapne pure kare”.

Soon after few months, he got a job at a service center. The only craving was for money and a busy schedule. He finally inquired about his role. The answer astounded him. He has to work as an automobile cleaner.


Few days went deadly rough and insulting for him. A man reaching at his workplace in a suit and ultimately cleaning the bikes. Who imagined this?

His pressure was finally understood by one of his seniors and he approached him for a conversation. The talk was smooth and direct. He showed our CEO that right now he is just invaluable, like a 0 before a number. He can still ace it by doing the work assigned to him perfectly and differently.

After a few months, a situation came where that friend got surrounded by an adverse situation. Our CEO thought on solution the whole night and saved the situation smartly and patiently. Someone said this right, “Small moments help us know our true self.” Soon he realized he was seeking exactly this feeling. After a few days he left the job at the service Center too and started his journey as the CEO of SANKALART.


Illustration created by SankalpArt and Subjected to copyright.

SankalpArt will always try to provide freelance work for all those have lost their jobs in this pandemic to contact SankalpArt, please email hr@sankalpart.com contact of founder and CEO sankalp@sankalpart.com


















The mission of SankalpArt:

To outspread SankalpArt in every corner of the world where author and talent lives. It aims to provide total satisfaction to every member of the team and to the client base as well.


SankalpArt has two branches. One in California and the other in India.

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