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Pro Quality and Affordable Cost! It's SankalpArt - an Author's Dream

Illustrations seems costly? I don't wann sell my arms and legs.

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Really! I must hurry now, I have  series of books for the illustrations!

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Don't worry! Just fill the form and mention your requirements. SankalpArt facilitate you at every step.

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Yes! With SankalpArt, Authors feel awesome and relax because they get all the services at one place!

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Can you please share some published work samples with us? 

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WOW! So, do you provide
Illustrations, book cover design, formatting, uploading of the book, barcode everything? 

Pleasure would be mine! Please scroll below. SankalpArt do provide character illustrations with background includes many styles!

Published Work

_Final Formatting-ApiCot-2-Book-.jpg
E-book cover-SankalpArt-Dennis.png
Over the distant Ranges.jpg
Every Child Story.jpg
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Please publish my book
I want to know how much time it will take? 

SankalpArt - an Author's dream. I wish SankalpArt be my Illustrator forever! 

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how much it will cost? 


45-50 days approximately. 
SankalpArt has professional team for each service. We believe in long term relationship. SankalpArt getting all the 5 stars Reviews and testimonials! 

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Charges Starts from $50/ each illustration. Feel free to contact us, mention your requirements and SankalpArt's HR will get back with Best Offer for you! 

Time for illustrations

2-3 days for one illustration. 

How many revisions I will get? 

Until you get what you need! After publish the book, if you need any update it will cost separately based on the work involvement. 

Style of Illustrations?

  • Water colour 

  • 2d digital illustration 

  • 3d Style Illustration from real people photos as reference. 

  • Line art 

Do you provide formatting too? 

Yes, SankalpArt do provide: 

  • Illustration. 

  • formatting ( text over the illustration). 

  • Book cover design. 

  • Barcode and uploading of the book.

Will you provide sketch then illustrate? 

Yes, SankalpArt do provide storyboarding then draft sketch and after discussion with author we jump into the final illustration. Also Author gets stepwise update of the process. 

Will I get print ready? 

Yes, SankalpArt will deliver ready to print book. 

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