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Children's Book

Dennis WC Wong

About Book


As Appy plans to retire,
he reminisces his first day of hire
longing and wishing to aspire
acquiring a trade while we perspire
educating at schools of learning higher
gathering experiences to fulfil his desire
observing caterpillars morph into stages they require
waiting for the butterflies as they transpire
counting down the days to the wire
and finally enjoying his fruitful endeavour.

About Author

Dennis WC Wong has been published 10 books!

What motivate you?

Life is my inspiration!

For the regular reader or listener, how will you explain your book?

For adventure, inspiring stories and learn with fun!

How much of your work is fiction, and how much fact?

Half fiction and half real.

What are your challenges?

To make readers aware about my books. But, then I found SankalpArt and now I am getting global readers!

What you will advise to aspiring Authors?

I would like to advise that do not delay to convert your thoughts into the paper. Because creative minds are more flexible and thoughts may be biased or disappeared. Also, an author can be versatile too, like I create Children's book at the same time I wrote thriller, memoir, and one poetry book too. Exploring the possibilities is the life and we should try and enjoy it!

Would you like to mention name of the people Who supported you in your book publishing journey? 


Anything you could tell us about your next project?

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Author Autograph

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