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Non fiction

Feeyola Dawood

About Book


Mother's Know, an easy read but with a powerful message. It is based on letters written to my daughter, which showcase life challenges, and how she should handle these situations in a positive light. It is heart warming and resonates with all individuals. As challenges are the same, across the world, we may not think about it, but we are experiencing it. It has become a 'go to' read when one is down and depressed, or when we the yearning for your mother's arms is felt.

About Author

I am first and foremost a mother, that alone grants me many titles of many genres. I am by profession an educator and a positive life coach.

What motivate you?

My daughter inspired me, coupled with the challenges that I have faced.

For the regular reader or listener, how will you explain your book?

It is a book of honesty, a book that is about everyone, as we experience the same challenges. It is the unheard voice of many. Mother's Know, is kind, passionate with splashes of humor.

How much of your work is fiction, and how much fact?

It is based on facts, as it was personally written for my daughter. I wanted to show her that no matter what one faces, we can overcome. Life does not end when a challenge knocks at our door, rather, use it as stepping stones.

What are your challenges?

Everyone involves challenges, it is what drives us courageous. I determined to apply my challenges to better myself, turning my negativity into positivity. When writing this book, everything fell into place as it was meant to be. So true are the words' "Trust in the Timing of the Almighty".

What you will advise to aspiring Authors?

Believe in God, and work for your dreams no one can stop you!

Would you like to mention name of the people Who supported you in your book publishing journey? 

Support came in many ways, a word of encouragement, a hug or even a smile. My children were and will always be my supporters, but it was my editor and good friend, Ms. Nasreen Variyawa, who saw my vision and understood immediately what I was trying to achieve. My immediate family and friends who encouraged my every step of the way. Thank you.

Anything you could tell us about your next project?

I am currently working on my second book. This too is non-fiction and promises to be a good read, so stay tuned.

Author Autograph

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