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Children's Book

Peter Sporn

About Book


There is a place near to our own backyard. A magical kingdom where tiny creatures live, called Kvibbles. Kvibbles are tiny creatures that gather lost and forgotten toys to give to other children to bring them happiness. Everybody has a favorite toy when they were little. What was yours? I had all but forgotten my lost toy until recently. I was reminded by my 8-year-old, Zach, who just lost his favorite stuffed animal, a tiger named Trigger. What actually becomes of all these toys? A child lives in the day they are in. Tomorrow can seem like forever. Imagination is their strongest sense. There must be an explanation for everything. Children believe in magical, mystical creatures because they can still see them. Kvibbles live in a land like no other. I mean, nobody has ever seen it, until now! it is called Kvibbland, a wondrous world full of imagination and wonder.

About Author

Peter Sporn is a first-time author of Every Child's Toy. He was born and raised on Long Island, New York and now lives in Boynton Beach, Florida. He married a Swedish woman and moved to Sweden. He lived there for 23 years. This is where he was inspired to write his first book. Becoming a single parent was difficult time for him, especially in a different country. He learned quickly that raising 2 children was a difficult task. He also learned that trying to fix or heal all the wounds of a small child is next to impossible. He could portray some help through writing stories for them. His son Zach lost his favorite toy at the age of 8. It was a traumatic moment in Zach's young life. This inspired Peter to write his first book in a series of 6 books to heal his sadness.

What motivate you?

My Children.

For the regular reader or listener, how will you explain your book?

It is a wonderful adventure that all ages will enjoy.

How much of your work is fiction, and how much fact?

That is up to the reader?

What are your challenges?

Getting the word out that my book exists.

What you will advise to aspiring Authors?

Would you like to mention name of the people Who supported you in your book publishing journey? 

My family and friends.

Anything you could tell us about your next project?

Volume 2-6 will bring to life this adventure that has started.

Author Autograph

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