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Children's Book

Theron C. Sampson

About Book


For Ayden & Zoey
For God, Mama Bertha, Papa James, Tierra, Jamie, and Zena, my most significant pillars of love;
and for You, the phenomenal breadth of life reading this:
May you conquer any challenge that comes your way.

About Author

Theron Sampson is a native of Richmond, Virginia. He is a
Public School- Principal dedicated to ensuring children receive a
quality education and the support necessary to succeed. Positive collaboration is his approach toward the fields of education and leadership. This book was born out of his desire to have children learn foundational reading skills while conquering their fears of reading. He has a relentless passion for ensuring every child has an opportunity to drink from the fountain of knowledge. In his spare time, he mentors students, volunteers in the community, and
sharpens his educational expertise. This children's book is his first book.

What motivate you?

My Life.

For the regular reader or listener, how will you explain your book?

Learn phonics by fun.

How much of your work is fiction, and how much fact?

Based on experience.

What are your challenges?

Make this book most useful of every children.

What you will advise to aspiring Authors?

When we work together and believe in ourselves, we can do anything!"

Would you like to mention name of the people Who supported you in your book publishing journey? 

Thank you to my wife, daughter, family, friends, and staff members for your continued support in my quest to ensure every child has an opportunity to drink from the fountain of knowledge. Thank you to my team of people who have helped me through this process: Shernika Battle, Zena Sampson, James Sampson, Bertha Sampson, Tierra Sampson,
Dr. Edith Rudd, and, most importantly, God for guiding me to write this book.

Anything you could tell us about your next project?

Author Autograph

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