How to publish a book! Step by Step.

Updated: Feb 22

Authors successfully write a story for their books but then stuck to the most common question, "What next?". How to publish a book now? This article covering all the essential points before you publish your book and stepwise guidance for a self-publishing book.

Steps after finishing your story

So, you have finished your story! Congratulation! Now read it again and be your own critique! before you ask any beta readers to read your story and give feedback, do it on your own. Hopefully, you may find some points for rewrite or addon.

Beta Readers

A person who reads your book and gives feedback is a beta reader. "Where do I find a Beta reader?" Well, the beta reader could be your friend, family member, teacher, your students, or your online friends! Anyone who is ready to read your draft (your manuscript) and give their opinion after reading it.

Professional Beta readers charge a nominal fee to read your whole manuscript.

Edit again on your own

After getting feedback from beta readers, read the manuscript like an editor!

Find an Editor

Now it's time to hunt for an editor suits your genre.

"How I would know who is the best editor for me?"

Well, this is the best part of the hunt for an editor. Sometimes new authors assumed that those who have done so many books are excellent editors? But trust me, this will not work every time! A person who can understand your vision and your style of writing and of course have experience editing books of the same genre could be the best editor for you.

While discussing with an editor ask about their previous edited book's reviews.

SankalpArt has edited a book entitled with Z-Notes which is getting all the best reviews and in one month it reached 42 reviews with all 5 and 4 stars ratings. Yes, most authors ask to edit a few pages of sample editing, which is another way to get the idea of editing style and skill. But if you will get a chance to see reviews of their edited books will light you where you will be stand after publishing your book. I will discuss more types of editing in my next blog.

Book Cover Design

This will be a game-changer!

Yes, you need to understand that your book cover will represent whole your hard work. Book Cover is the main hero of your story. Readers will decide based on the attraction of the book cover and title they want to see inside or not!

Give more time to select the best book cover design for your book and find a good book cover designer.

If you are on a budget, you can use a pre-made template for your book like this.

And make sure that the seller will not sell the same template to too many authors, which makes your book cover design like a common person standing in a queue.

SankalpArt always provides unique and fresh designs and for pre-made templates, it is for an author only. After the template sold, SankalpArt will remove that template and display a fresh book cover template.

Early Promotion

You should get your book cover design during the editing process, which helps you to promote your book well and build your readers list.

Book Formatting

Now it comes to design your inside pages and arrange the edited manuscript according to the amazon kindle (KDP) which is an E-book format and for Paperback formatting. If your book is a children's book, your illustrator may format your book or you can hire professional formatting services.


I have been asked many times with my authors "where I will get the ISBN number?"

If you are planning to self-publish your book on amazon, It facilitates you by providing a free ISBN for your book.

Paperback needs ISBN and E-Book does not need an ISBN number.

You must know this fact that the ISBN number by amazon will not work if you have a plan to sell your book to different book stores then you will need to buy an ISBN for your book.

Bar Code

"Do I need to buy a bar code?"

The answer is no! Your book cover designer will convert your ISBN number to a bar code.

And if you are planning to upload your book on amazon kdp you will get the barcode while uploading your book cover design on the amazon kdp site.

Uploading book

This is the final step to publish your book.

So, Here is a summary of the article

  • Beta readers

  • Self Editing

  • Professional Editing

  • Book Cover Design

  • Early Promotion

  • Formatting

  • ISBN

  • Bar code

  • Uploading

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