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How to submit author Interview

This is the pathway to all the writers and authors to submit their interview for publication inside SankalpArt's Magazine:

Step 1: visit and 'click' "interview submission."

Step 2: Signup using your email to access 'interview submission page.'

Step 3: As you will signup it will auto log you in, and displays the 'interview submission page.' Now, you careful read all the questions for your author interview, and explore your inner side to all the readers by your superb Author style answers! Upload your amazingly handsome/alluring display photo and your book cover ( front ), and 'click' "submit button."

Step 4 : DONE! Yes, that's it! Now, you don't need to effort anymore, from there, SankalpArt team will be taking the charge and work for you in the background!

After submitting the interview, SankalpArt's editorial team will review your submitted interview to check grammar corrections and significant proofreading (if needed) and formerly forward it to the formatting and design team. SankalpArt's formatting and design team will design your author interview precise and glorious manner for the website, E-book, and SankalpArt author interview Print magazine. Once your interview will be announced,

you will be apprised by mail from the interview head department.

If you will still feel any difficult feel free to mail or for further assistance.

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